HB Home – My New Fav!

I am looking forward to possibly placing work in their new locale….

Located in Greenvale, on Long Island’s North Shore, two miles east of Americana Manhasset, Wheatley Plaza has a collection of boutiques that compliment the interior design and home furnishings experience which HB Home offers to its customers in its other locations.

Seems to be a perfect match!

Classic looks were derived from a popular trend that had staying power!

 I feel that current trends come from great ideas from the past! When they work well with old and new, we call them “Classic”! Classic is a beautiful term, and “On Trend” is a current and fresh term.  So staying current and on trend is classic, and having a classic touch is trendy!

Bright, Cheerful and Meaningful!


Laurie Guiliano Duke, Cold Spring Harbor

Beth Foley  www.bethfoleydesign.com

Jennifer Karow www.newworldfaux.com

Claidia Dowling www.claudiadowling.com

Kate Singer  www.katesingerhome.com

Laura Rothaug

Dodds & Eder Open House!

Gretchen Fuss will be exhibited at Dodds & Eder Open House, featuring artwork from CHASE EDWARDS GALLERY.

Landscape design and installation, fine outdoor furnishings and home déco.

11 Bridge Street, Sag Harbor, NY

2011 Design Showhouse Normandy Manor Vanderbilt Museum

I was invited to participate in the Normandy Manor Design Showhouse with a few other talented local artists. The day was beautiful! More importantly, I was able to meet a few of the decorators and felt instantly connected and understood! The rooms inspired me immediately as they were superbly decorated. I have recently begun painting on un stretched sized/primed linen, so, in the back of my mind, I was thinking about groupings and color themes and how these new pieces would look in frames, but with options for decorators to put their magical finishing skills to work. Needless to say they were well received and I am grateful!

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