Creating Art for other Designers

IMG_3481For me, creating a piece of Artwork after chatting and connecting with another creative mind is inspiring. It is especially exciting when it begins. The “zone” that I find myself in is exhilarating. Their visions and ideas have been presented to me in many ways. Usually starting with color swatches and size of space and then the conversation may get a little abstract…I might even get lost a little, but bits and pieces of our conversation will keep jumping back into my mind. If Im lucky I get to see the space they are working in and I just take it all in. I have been lucky enough to work with some incredible and well respected talent out there, making this process a true pleasure.


Gretchen’s Tweets

  • I chose it for a piece of Art that is going in a room with a black and white story. There are black
    about 3 months ago
  • It is sophisticated! I'd like to see it in more natural brown stain too.
    about 3 months ago
  • This is what I miss😢she has grown so much so fast! I can’t wait to hug her again.
    about 1 year ago

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