gretchen with paintingGretchen Fuss is a Washington, DC-based Artist who originally hails from Philadelphia. In Philadelphia Gretchen was a Designer and Fine Artist and had worked in many aspects of the Arts. Her work has been featured in galleries throughout the city and her talents were put to work at the Franklin Mint among others places.
After raising five daughters, a move to Huntington, NY on Long Island brought a new chapter in her life and allowed her to focus her energy on a powerful body of work.  Seven years later she and her husband relocated again to Washington DC and a new wave of enthusiasm has driven her to even greater artistic heights.
Gretchen specializes in abstracts and semi-abstract landscapes with acrylic on canvas. At the heart of her work is a desire to evoke emotions that bring light and joy. Fuss’ paintings have been hailed as very unique and original.  Her technique is to build color and texture with both recognizable and indefinable images. Her process  for some of her more recent paintings is to build up the layers of paint to add depth and dimension, then sand it back to find natural surprises, all while staying true to a color story and theme.

Artist Statement

As I mature, my artwork is evolving more rapidly. My approach is less analytical and I allow the imagery to “happen,” this seems a more honest method of painting for me. Good design however, still remains paramount in creating impact as opposed to just color and texture. The beauty of the land, sea & sky continue to interest me,  and I convey its essence in my work.

Gretchen Fuss currently works from a home studio. She has had many solo exhibits as well as group shows.  Her works are in private and corporate collections in the United States. Gretchen is affiliated with Splashes of Hope, The Artists In The Attic, The Northport Arts Coalition, The Art League of Long Island, The Art Factory Direct, Chase Edwards Gallery and Cliff Young LTD.
The work seen on gretchenfuss.com is only a selection of artworks and paintings. Artwork is updated on an ongoing basis. Please contact Gretchen directly through the contact form for Inquiries and Purchases.


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