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Gretchen Fuss is an artist known for her colorful and thought-provoking abstract paintings.

Schooled in Fine Art with work experience in commercial art, textile and interior design, Gretchen creates pieces that bring life to both residential and corporate environments.

After growing up and raising five daughters in the Philadelphia area, moves to New York and DC injected new life into her work and led to her artwork being featured in fine galleries and Designer Show Homes. Now with a return to her roots in Delaware County, PA, she finds inspiration for her work in her comfortable surroundings.

Artist Statement
As I mature, my artwork evolves more rapidly. My approach is less analytical and I allow the imagery to just “happen”. This seems a more honest method of painting for me. Using the beauty found in nature as my stimulus, my goal is to create works that create impact through the use of color and texture.


The work shown on this website is only a selection of  available paintings and new pieces are continually being created. Please contact Gretchen directly through the contact form for inquiries, commissions and purchases.


Gretchen’s Tweets

  • I chose it for a piece of Art that is going in a room with a black and white story. There are black https://t.co/JM2p0YOKsa
    about 5 months ago
  • It is sophisticated! I'd like to see it in more natural brown stain too. https://t.co/4qtyGqaPbS
    about 5 months ago
  • This is what I miss😢she has grown so much so fast! I can’t wait to hug her again. https://t.co/rOZB9r4YzT
    about 2 years ago

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